Nice MC824H Moonclever Control Unit

Control unit for Nice 24Vdc gear motors with magnetic encoder

Nice OXI 433.92MHz Receiver

4 channel receiver with conncector, 433.92MHz, without built-in transmitter

Nice IntiKit Universal Control System

For gates and garage doors of all kinds

Nice MOCF Photocell Columns

Aluminium posts for 1 photocell, 500mm high

Nice MOCF2 Photocell Columns

Aluminium posts for 1 photocell, 1000mm high

CAME TOP-432S Remote Control

Bi-channel multi user transmitter, 433.92 MHz

CAME TOP-432EV Remote Control

Bi-channel multi-user transmitter with self learning function

Nice ML24 Orange Flashing Signal Light

Moonlight, flashing signal light with embedded antenna, 24V

Nice Hyke Kit for Swing Gates up to 3.5m per leaf

Irreversible electromechanical 24Vdc gear motor, with articulated arm

Nice RUN1500 24Vdc Sliding Gate Motor

Motor for sliding gates, with built-in control unit and electromechanical limit switch, 24Vdc