Comelit 6228B Easycom Simplebus Unit

Hands-free audio station - Black

Comelit 2608 Simplebus Style Basic Handset

Standard version telephone - White

Comelit 1122/A Relay with Video Switching

RELAY 12/24 AC or DC

Comelit 6228W Easycom Simplebus Unit

Hands-free audio station - White

Comelit 1395 Simplebus2 Transformer for Colour Systems

12Vac 60VA Transformer with 230Vac Input

Comelit 3159/1 Vandalcom 1 Module Surface Box

Vandalcom series stainless steel surface-mounted housing

Comelit 3161/1 Vandalcom 1 Module Support Frame

Vandalcom series holder frame, dark grey colour

Comelit 3262/1 Vandalcom 1 Button Module

Vandalcom 1 button module for Powercom audio unit

Comelit 1224A Switching Device

Simplebus 2 door digital switching device

Comelit 1200 12VAC Transformer with 230VAC Input

Transformer 10VA 0-230V/0-12V