Belden Style Multi-pair Individually Screened 100m

8723 Individually screened 2-pair audio cable

Belden Style Multi-Core Overall Screened 100m

9538 multi-conductor, with drain wire

RG59 Style Coaxial Cable 100m

Copper-coated steel centre conductor, solid polyethylene insulation, copper clad aluminium braid with PVC sheath

Mini RG59 Style Coaxial Cable 100m

PVC coaxial cable

TCCA 8 Core Alarm Cable 100m

Uscreened alarm cable, colour coded PVC insulation and PVC sheath

Category 5e UTP General Purpose PVC Cable 305m

Cat5e 4 Pair UTP PVC solid cable (box)

Category 5e UTP PE External Cable 305m

Duct grade Cat5e 4 pair UTP solid cable (boxed)